CNTRL - productivity focused add-on (for geometry nodes etc.)


We have released CNTRL - an add-on that is focused on bringing your favourite parameters to one place in the N-panel with a simple copy-paste workflow.

The idea to make this add-on came from daily use of geometry nodes and having to control complex scenes with multiple objects with multiple modifiers. While tweaking each change had to be made in its separate context for each object and there was a lot of time lost on switching between the objects. That’s why we have decided to make this add-on to give users the ability to put all the necessary controls from anywhere in blender into one manage-able place.

Another use-case that has risen from this was while preparing blender scenes for other artists to use in production, we could put all the necessary controls that they had to care about in this panel and distributed the blender file with those controls. That’s how other artists could focus on the stuff that mattered to them like lighting values and materials, without the need to search for the appropriate object.

You can find the addon and read more on blendermarket.

blendermarket link:

Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions!