Coat Hangers - Needless Things IX

Hi folks,

this is the latest piece in my series of needless things. Coat Hangers this time.

Here is the link to the full version. Modeling, sculpting, shading and lighting was completely done in Blender, except the texture for the putto, which was painted in 3DCoat.

Rendered in Cycles with 2500 samples and post production in Gimp by combining different render passes.

I hope you’ll enjoy this one :slight_smile:

Attachment for the thumbnail:


Congratulations on the Blender Nation feature Minoribus. The “Needless Things” series continues to show great creativity and always is good for some smiles. I think I will continue to check my coat at the coat check stand, rather than use your coat closet :slight_smile:

Thank yo very much, Harleynut :slight_smile:

And special thanks to Bart from Blendernation - for mentioning this item and for the nice comment :slight_smile:

Here are some more detail renders, which I made yesterday. They are done in full HD. Open them in a new tab or window, if you want to see the real size.