Coca Cola

All Entirely Modelled And Textured In Blender 2.79b,
Coke Is Volumetrically Coloured,
Trying To Imitate Studio Photography,
Going For Realism.

Glass Contains Ice, Ice Was Put In Glass Through Rigid Body Simulation.

If You Look Closely, You Will Find A Green Tint In The Glass, That Is Due To Volumetrics.

3-D Break-Down

Ambient Oclussion.





Blender Scene Screenshot.

Blender Scene Wireframe.

Hope You Like This,
I Have Been Using Blender For About An Year Now And Am Trying To Improve Where I Lack,
So Feel Free To Criticise.


Hi, awsome work you done.

it looks good, nice materials but some points looks wrong.

  1. The top looks frozen, it makes no sense.
  2. The tripping water it makes more sense when the bottom has less drops then top.
  3. the sparkles on the top make it smaller above the glass.

You are really good,
When i work on a objekt i question myself make it sense. Try this.

I hope i help you.

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In coke commercials the glow of the ice needs to be stronger.

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Hello WolfpathX,
Hope You Are Doing Just Fine,
Thanks for the critique,
I Don’t know how I missed such glaring problems.
Keep Blending :smiley:

Hello BigBlend,
I totally agree with you,
I just was stumped as to how to do this,
Thanks For The Critique,
I Truly Appreciate it,
Keep Creating :smiley:
Have A Great Day :wave:t4:

Very nice work…
Some observations…foam starts from the bottom up… with the bubbles collecting on the inside of the glass. The fizz looks good but perhaps more of a spray like fireworks particles. Lastly, perhaps a change in the view looking from slightly above to see the foam and ice… foam made from transparent sphere particles…


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The main issue that I have with this image so-far is that the Coca-Cola looks like black oil. I think that there needs to be some amount of translucency. The container would be lit from the back as well as from the front.

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Hello sundialsvc4,
This is really what I looked at for quite some time,
I had it all good to go with a white background and didn’t like it
With the Black Background my Image couldn’t have a Lamp behind the cup,
So really struggled with this, will really try again with my new artwork the coke bottle.
Hope I haven’t been off putting in any way or for,
Really Appreciate the critique.
Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Hi RSEhlers,
Thank you a bunch,
I was just looking for this type of Image,
For my new artwork the Coke bottle,
I now completely Understand the problem with my foam,
This is the best proof of what the Blender Community is doing, and what it is for,
Helping and supporting those who need help by doing all that they can,
Thanks again,
Keep the good advice coming :smiley:
Have a wonderful day. :wave:t4:

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