Cockpit Japanese bomber (Work in progress)

cockpit for a Japanese bomber to be used in a flight simulator for mobile devices.


Ok, inside of the cockpit is quite finished. The model of the plane is sent to me for retexturing. I might make my own version of the plane itself.

looking nice

I did a cockpit for B-17 all real mesh no UV mapping
and it is high res in verts count !

did you do all mesh or use some UV mapping ?
some of the meter’s holes are a little low res we can see edges !

would be nice to see it as a plane

If i have time one day I might do that cockpit too LOL

happy cl

Thanks for the feedback. Looked at your extremely detailed work. Very nice!
The panel is flat with a normal map to simulate the rings and some bits and bobs on it.
It is for a flight sim for mobile devices, so there is a limit on how many vertices I can use and what will actually show on the screens.

what is the verts limit for these mobile devices ?

it still looks nice from far away can you show closer shots to see how it looks
and if at different angle does it shows the 3D effect or need specific angles to see the 3D effects ?

keep up the good work


The lighting in Sketchfab is a bit so-so. Basically players only have a 360 view from the pilot seat which is on the right side in this plane.
They can zoom out somewhat to have a broader field of view.
No doubt the developers of the game will delete some veritces, but that’s up to them. They specified 20 to 30.000 tris for the cockpit alone…but I made them see that the cockpit has room for 5 crewmembers and that the pilot can even see the bombardeer in the nose of the plane.
The toughest part was finding the reference pictures. None of these planes survived to this day.

But how many verts did you use ?

my B17 high res was with over 300 000 verts LOL

happy bl

It’s 37.1k vertices or 35.3k faces, but that includes the plane model the dev sent me to make the cockpit for.