Cocktail Glass on the Beach

Inspired by some commercials that I saw on TV, so I tried to recreate a similar thing in Blender :slight_smile:
I think it turned out pretty good, it could have used a bit more samples but hey, I am lazy to wait xD
Rendered with Cycles on a CPU( FX 6300) in about 8-10 minutes with 250 samples!

What do you think? I would much appreciate comments and thoughts!

Cheers! :smiley:


Liquid needs to be more transparent.

there’s something about modeling a beverage in a glass that’s just so satisfying, right?

The table looks great!

But the background’s kindve dull for a beach scene, where’s the ocean? :wink:

The glass is much too perfect, martini glasses usually have some imperfections and some asymetry.

And photographically, the front rim of the glass being out of focus is super distracting, make the sharpness extend from the front rim, to the center of the stem and you’re golden.

Great composition! I agree with the others’ comments. Also, straws don’t tend to be straight up and down, it should lean, I would think, unless it were stuck in a blob of ice cream or something. Just my initials thoughts. But others than that, I like the detail you’ve put in!

Hey thank you very much for your thoughts :smiley:
Yeah, I definetly went too far with depth of field, idk i guess it like it with a lot of dof.
Not sure about the glass, I just went to Google and searched for cocktail glass, and this is what I found.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

You’re right, the straw should lean, but idk i guess I wanted to make the image more symetrical xD
Thanks for your thoughts! :slight_smile:
Cheers! :smiley:

Liquid looks quite realistic (for a cocktail containing, say, pineapple, tamarind, or something along those lines) but either the material settings are too dark (as opposed to transparent) or the lighting is not bright enough in the front. Basically the liquid looks very dark, which is not necessarily a lack of realism so much as a problem with the scene.

Overall looks pretty real though.

Very nice!

It doesn´t remember me the beach because the background is too blured, I can´t see what is back te cup, the straw have lot of saturation and can be more transparent and traslucent but I like the cup and the table and the liquid is almost appetizing but I think You can impress to almost any person (that don´t do renders) with the render.