code blue problem solved

as the title said, blender has been acting as if it was on drugs

and i have multiple blenders and they all act the same
and i have done a restart
help [!] [!]

Haha, That’s psychadellic. Wow! That woudl be kinda fun to see, but of course annoying if you try to actually work ; ).

Well, first, I would make sure that you have the latest drivers installed for your video card.

Can we get more information about your system?
Graphics Card, Operating system, etc.

= D…

well it was working and then it just broke when i opened it

and the specs:
windows xp home
512mb ram
NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 video card

help [!]

PS: it looked so cool i decided to use it as a aviator

(nobody is responding :frowning: (so depressing))

no clue ,did it ever work right
for how long

it was working for a year and it broke yesterday :<

what version? i would just reinstall…

im not sure i think ver2.4 downloads with its own python

i just did a reinstall
(edit) and it still ain’t working

do you have xp restore,ever used it/

what is that?
ps: when i go to the Orange build it says in the text box unable to load libtiff
pps:im useing python 2.4

on xp assuming you allocated memory for restore
which by default is about 10% of your harddrive

the systemm periodically creates memory snapshots of your computer

so if it worked before you go into system tools to system restor and click on it in program groups

itll say want to restore to an earlier time or create a restore point

in this case choose restore to an earlier time
itll show a calender choose and earlier date and wait for the restore to occur

its better if someone there that has used it helps you

its reversible too

the problem is that i do not have a restore date, except today and the problem started yesterday :< .

PS: how do you make it set a restore point everyday :-?

you have to create a restore point ,every time you install software it creates a point,if its activated

you choose create restore point and name it

i didnt use orange build i just downloaded ver 2.4 from and installed it

do you run spybot or adware occasionally

i also have the normal 2.4 build and its acting the same and i ran spybot last year :expressionless:

I’m running it now %|

i run spybot and adware once a week

also sometimes you need a virus remover program i think
avg antivirus is free

i would run these before creating a restore point

and you also might reinstall blender to a differant directory

bye til tomarrow

spybots search and destroy mission came up with lots of evil stuff (3) and that didn’t help.

i installed it into another directory and its still broke :<

i am now checking for evil spirits by shouting at it :wink:

am i doomed? :o

PS: its onto page 2 8)

have you changed any of you graphics settings lately?

Try disabling everything running in the background. Also maybe you changed some graphic card settings recently?

try turning off the google toolbar.

I’ve had that problem. It was video drivers. My card is an ATI though. I’ve never heard anyone with an NVidia complain. Try installing different drivers. Make a restore point and then if they don’t work just go back and try another. At least maybe worth a try if no solution shows up.