Code VTR

Hello Blender Artists,

This is CODE VTR, i really can’t say much about what is this exactly but my goal was to achieve the next level of realism for characters in Realtime with Blender.

Find more breakdown in this link.


Very nice, detailed work :+1:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Oh my, thank you Bart for the feature you too have great weekend!

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Thank you very much

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Astonishing!.. Although, I would argue you have gone too far in your quest for stunning realism… If some smokin’ hot gal has black facial hairs that are visible under very close scrutiny (16x magnification etc), I say omit them or make them white at least! Down at the microscopic level we are all pretty gross. In other words, let cuties be cute yo! ; - )

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This is just great ! However such level of perfection on the skin tell us that it is CG. Not to criticize just to comment your work. Texture level is just amazing ! Very professional ! Congratulations !

Dude! This is crazy work man!


Insane :flushed: love it​:relaxed:

you killed them all.

Wow! Amazing detail and texture…

This is beyond amazing! I have no words for this. Great work!

wow this is so wonderful