Codec choices only offered in Window? I need it for Linux.

Publisher 2.25 offers several Codecs choices, but the Linux and MacOsX don’t offer them. Anyone else have this problem? :o
Also, I haven’t been able to install the ‘key.dat’ file on the Mac. I go to the file and get an error message that the file doesn’t exist.
I was able to install the key on my Linux machine.
Thanks for any help,

I think that the AVI Codec output was implemented only for Windows. :frowning:


If I were to run a Windows emulator on my Linux machine could I then run the Windows version of Blender with the codec I need? I’m totally new to Linux and am going on 2nd hand info, so don’t laugh too hard please. 8)

The reason the codecs are only supported under Windows is they are not part of Blender, they are a windows supplied .dll. *ix, and MacOS have a different method of doing things…

One of the things we have to decide is what libs we are going to use under other OS’s for this stuff.
Then we have to do some fancy #if ing to get it to compile on all platforms.

I vote OSS for sound (Don’t know if that works under Mac, though). But I need to do more research to see what video libs are available. But they are just software libs, not H/W interfaces. Doesn’t hurt to have an extra lib on the machine…