codec frustration

o snap! I take a month off and those developers have already made ANOTHER release?! awesome… it feels like 2.43 just got released, that was quick! o happy day.


Xvid AVI still came out too dark :frowning:
but thanks for telling me about 2.44! :slight_smile: I must have slept on through the update.

Plus it seems that my WMP couldn’t find the codec for it. I had to install it manually. Which would probably not be a good thing for online audiences…

k. online is either QT mov or straight AVI. and xvid does not change the brightness of the video. you might want to check your monitor.

k, thanx… but if it was monitor calibration why would it play correctly as AVI jpeg or as a youtube video… but not when its compressed with any other codec? If thats true, can monitor calibration still be the culprit?

here’s a link to the Xvid AVI:

here’s a link to the youtube again:

Do these not display differently (in terms of darkness) for you?

And thanks again! You’ve been very helpful and informative these past couple of days!

O yeah, and what do you mean by straight AVI? because that’s why I’m doing this, to get a reasonably sized AVI for online audiences.

oh man, you’re gonna hate me. it’s not all the codecs making the image darker, i think it’s the youtube uploader doing an automated brightness/contrast adjustment and thus making some areas lighter. You really need to just render a frame and save it as PNG to get a true reflection. To me, the Xvid looks properly lit, and the youtube looks a tad too bright.

cute video, btw. If ever there was video to convey the thought in a few seconds, this is it.


wow, yeah, thats not how it looks on MY monitor at ALL… my xVid looks way darker than that. looks like I may have been barking up the wrong tree…

here’s a .png to compare with what you got there…
What you have there is definitely acceptable. I wonder what the problem is then… because the png and the Xvid are displaying drastically different for me. The fact the png looks okay on the monitor rules out calibration right?

I’m going to test this on a LCD tonight… I’ll see what it looks like there.

well… I hope I didn’t waste too many people’s time with this thread…

The video displayed perfectly fine on that LCD monitor. possibly TOO bright actually. So it must be something to do with my monitor. Though it’s odd to me that my monitor displays the png correctly but not the avi. If anyone has any kind of rationale for that I could sleep a little better :slight_smile:

but in the end I’m happy now regardless. My video will display properly, just not on my own monitor lol.