codecs for 4k?

i have rendered an animation in 4k but i can find a codec that preserves most of the quality gets all pixely like a jpeg
and does any one know how to install more codecs that blender doesn’t have if that’s even possible

This might be a bit ugly way but… Render your sequence first in lossless avi and then convert it in h.264 or whatever you want. One good&free converter for h.264 is “handbrake”, haven’t tried 4k but it should work.

4k is crazy to try and convert to a video… youtube doesn’t support 4k so i gave up and rendered it to 1080 :’(

Actually youtube does support 4k videos. I just tested it myself (very random clip)
Be sure that your video is in 4096x2304 and youtube should recognize it. I just used the h.264 codecs in Blender, cheers!

h264 for web, DCP with jpeg2000 image sequence for cinema projection available in blender. I guess you’re just having a bit of fun but if you’re not going to cinema and you don’t have a + 60" 4k ultra HD TV in your home then 4k’s a bit of a laugh. :slight_smile:

Interesting reading:

4k aquisition, great zoom ins and reframing but for delivery, really?

this is only in 1080 :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm you’r right. It had the “original” option after I uploaded it but now it’s gone…
Well in most cases your audience will not have a 4k display or the connection speed for downstreaming it anyway.

yes but if you view the original it is only 2048x1536
check out every 4k video on youtube it wont go over that… right click and show video info