Coding Python is soo easy now!

ok i re install it completely
copied the xml file to notepade++

beginning to work now with Ctrl Space

i tried the example for the bpy.op.mes

but don’t get the right menu selection !

it’s almost like it does not see your new xml file

is there another setting to select different plugin may be ?

i saw an plugin import !
should i used this to install new xml page ?


Whow, a reason to use notepad++.
thanks …
I had an ‘old’ version, but 5.7 looks very much better :wink:


You’re right. Notepad++ is an open source text editor and has very robust and useful tools.


I really don’t understand what your problem is. I think this is not a plugin problem.Try to change some settings, reinstall it again, briefly, do trial and error method…


You’re welcome everyone who likes it. I’m going to add it some functional examples (location=, delta= etc.)

Forever Blender! :yes:

very awesome! WOW! this should make life a whole lot easier

Notepad ++ is the sickest [email protected]#ing text editor ever. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now.
Your autocomplete xml trick for blender is just freaking amazing!!! I can’t wait until the Python API is finalized! Thanks for your time and hard work. Thanks.

so… i was looking at another post here and it mentions for example the decimater modifier…
original post here :

i was hoping this notepad++ would act like intellisense in additional autocomplete
for example :

when typing


that the autocomplete already suggests ratio / realtime

you know? just wondering… either way i’ll be using notepad++ again now this xml is available :slight_smile: thank you


Notepad++ already has an intellisense feature.

Go to Preferenses >Back up/Auto-completion and Enable auto-completion on each input.

Btw, I changed some code listing and added new things.


superb! yep, the auto suggesting works a treat. this certainly replaces Python IDLE

Thank you “Demohero”
Its working great.

can we use that file for an other editor ? i’m using Gedit under linux wich is a good soft for programming


hope that one day, the word completion will come “into” blender text editor ! for the best !

Thank you, its really appreciated.

Thank you Demohero…this is awesome…!

This doesn’t work properly for me. Here’s what I get when I try the examples in the OP (“impor” doesn’t give anything at all):

It’s nothing like as useful. :frowning:


I know this is not a perfect solution for auto-completion, but you can easily edit this *.xml file. Open it with a text editor, and change or add new structures…

I have small suggestion

Read about “Predefined Completions” in PyDEV

Predefined completions are completions acquired from sources that provide only the interfaces for a given Python module (with Python 3.0 syntax).
A predefined completion module may be created by having a module with the extension “.pypredef” with regular Python 3.0 contents, but with attributes having assigns to its type and methods having as the body a sole return statement – and the docstring may have anything.

To create “.pypredef” files we need use code from

notepad++ is very good but eclipse is the best
and can debug python in blender

Er, surely I should be getting the same results as in the screenshots you posted? If I have to hand-edit the file something is going wrong.

a question, with notepad++ you can send de script to blender?, in other words you can execute de script in blender from notepad?

Very useful, simple and ingenious!