Coffe Drinkers (and caffine addicts) ?

Hey, since this is an internation forum, I was wondering if people around the world all share the same addiction I have, to massive amounts of caffeine!!!

Let us all know what you think about not only coffee, but to caffeine in general…

Hehe… you forgot to ask about the KIND of coffee…

/me drinks coffee italian way (2-3 cup each day) difference is AIMK that italian coffee (espresso) is served in cups holding 12cc or so, and seldom filled up more than half.

A cup of coffee is made by passing 97°C water at 6 atmosphere through 7grams of pressed coffee powder.

Second preference goes to turkish/greek coffe where coffe is in infusion in boilg water and, if you are not aware you dring coffe liquid and coffe powder (which is not so good)

I’ve tasted ‘espress’ made in France and US but I won’t commnt that :stuck_out_tongue:

American coffe is not high in the rank of my favourite beverages (in the caffeine-containing class most cokes are higher ranking)

Thanks for polling


Coffee, the best stuff in the world. Addicted, are you kidding? I have gone beyond addiction and need it just to breathe :smiley:

Here in Canada, ther eis a Tim Hortons coffee shop every 5 minutes down the road. That’s all we do here, drink coffee, beer and play hockey :wink: , (not necessarily in that order).


My favorite coffee quote:

Black as hell, strong as death, sweet as love.

  • Turkish proverb

That says it all.

Yes…coffe is nice…

2-4 coups per day :slight_smile: , today it has been 4 of them :slight_smile:

I have never either tasted american coffe, but I don’t think it would
impress me that much, instead I have lately used hot boiled coffe
and a coffepress, correct me if I am wrong, but is it called “Bistro” ??

Boil water, pour it down into the coffepress with special kind of coffe just for that, wait couple of minutes and press it to bottom, then pour it down
into the high glas or cup and then some hot milk into it (of course, since I am diabetic I use sweetner instead of sugar to it)…

…and then…sip it , aahh…tastefull !! yummy :slight_smile:


In america mostly we make a cheap fast coffee (Life most food and stuff here) at home. Or for a cafe we have StarBucks (and a few other chains) that amount to a coffee assembly line.

If I ever go to Europe, the coffee will be the highlight it sound like :smiley:

I’ve been trying to get more caffine per cup, so I either add espresso to coffee, or take the coffee and boil it down to make it more concentrated. To see if it’s strong enough I hold it up to the light to see how much light passes through.

hehe… no text…
[captured from the CTE site: ]


Hah hah hah!

All you caffeine addicts will have major headaches if the worlds supply of caffeine suddenly vanished!

Me? My body is a temple, and I don’t touch caffiene as it is evil! :x


Glad to see others with the same great taste, caffee!!
When im at hope i probably drink 8-10 cups a day. And when i stay at my girlfriends in Australia i use her pint beer mug as my coffee cup so i dont have to keep running the stairs to refill my little coffee cup, and would drink 3-4 pints while working with blender.
Oh, and i also smoke weed like a mad man too, caffee and smoke sure made those 14-16 hour days Blending seem to just…fly by!!! :o)


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Oh coffee… what would I be without coffee ?

I drink it “a la malefico” this is: NO SUGAR (this is a man thing, :wink: ), in a ~100 CC cup with my name on it (“don’t use my cup !”) , and as strong as humanly possible.

I should look pretty much like this -> :o

Cheers coffee-drinkers.


Coffe and Whiskey

I alternate between the two.

It’s part of a balanced diet. :smiley:

My daily fix is a cafe latte - I got hooked one summer when I used to visit this coffee shop (NOT char, er Starbucks), and they made the B-E-S-T iced latte. I tried for three years to acquire the correct combination of coffee and equipment (though, not a $1,200 commercial espresso unit) to reproduce this taste, and I have been unable to do so. Nor have I ever tasted it anywhere else. Bummer. Anyway…it’s latte or bust for me. I just wish the quality of coffee beans in the U.S. was a little higher.

Sure! Sugar ruins the taste of coffee. If you put sugar to make the coffe taste better then the coffee isn’t good, in first place!

Right! But I prefear Coffee + Sambuca (sweet anisette-like liquor) anise taste marries as well to coffee taste as chocolate does (but do not mix the three together)


strong, black and turkish is the best. i drink about four cups a day. the rest of the day i drink lots of tea.
Stefano is definetly right, sugar ruins a good coffee


I read French press most of the time. Not in France though.

We have a nice little cafe where I live. Quality of the beans is very good- hard/impossible anywere alse I’ve been around here (heh). Changed hands recently and went slightly (but not totally) downhill. Bummer.
French press, regular, turkish/arabic, espresso.
All black of course. Milk+suger= evil when combined with coffee.
If someone were to make a survey of the 10 most evil dictators of all time, they would find none of them drank/drink their coffee black.

We all have our things we need in life to give that extra boost.
Coffee is really a bad thing to put into your body, it stains your teeth and give you a really mean breath afterwards :frowning:

I believe in drinking a small dosage of a stomachacid from a chinchilla, it does not stain your teeth and make your body feel like you are at the top of the himalayans. It keeps you blendering for ever and ever (You only need to drink it once!!!)
I am very serious about this…TRY IT!! CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO?

Right! But I prefear Coffee + Sambuca (sweet anisette-like liquor) anise taste marries as well to coffee taste as chocolate does (but do not mix the three together)


Sambuca…brrrrr(shiver) can’t keep that stuff down. :frowning: