Coffee cup doesn't look like glass after render in blender 2.82

Hi there! :slight_smile:
When I render my coffee cup, it doesn’t seem like the cup is made of glass rather out of cheramics.
And isn’t transparent like it supposed be.
Does anyone know why?

The cup supposed be like in this video link:

Hi :slight_smile:

Some ideas what could be causing this:

  • some geometry sticking in the glass which is hidden in your viewport but is rendering (maybe a duplicate of the cup u created without noticing it)
  • some faces within the model are doubles. try merging vertices which share the same position (alt+m - >“by distance” set to 0.0001 m.
  • normals are wrong, try recalculating them
  • guessing from the curly pattern going around the cup it seems like youre using a texture on the cup. is it plugged in correctly in the shader?
  • in the reference render there is fluid in the cup. if u got some in yours as well, try scalling it either down or up a little. If the faces of the glass and the fluid geometry have a tiny gap inbetween them it cn cause black spots.
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Thanks a lot for all the advices. Definitely going through all of them and then letting know.