Coffee cup on wooden surface.

For some reason it wasnt letting me upload the image directly so here:

Please tell me what you think about it

Render time 10hrs

Computer specs: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz (3 GB RAM)

Is the link working for other people?

Yes the link works for me.

What do you think of it?

The reason your image wouldn’t upload is it most likely exceeds the 2mg limit they have for images, Often I have to resave the image as a jpg instead of png to get it below the limit.

The cup looks OK, but I would maybe try and round off the handle… it looks flat in the image you linked.

Ok ill try to round out the handle. Ill render it when i get my new computer.

well for starters it looke pretty good , but the “coffe” got some hard edges on it , and well fluid just dont have that ! :slight_smile: but i guess a subdivision modiferer on that bad boy will solve it .otherwise u could use a little more bump on the table aswell … cheers

It reads as a miniature coffee cup. Two things contribute to this impression: the size of the cup handle (relatively large and thick for an ordinary size cup, but normal for a doll house miniature) and the large texture on the wood table. Try trimming the handle down to size, and decreasing the size of the wood grain. Color and lighting look great.

Ok Ill try that i’ll try that, But it takes forever to render because my computer is slow and it takes 10 hours to render, also i cant keep my computer from falling asleep do it takes days.

10 hours seems a bit long for that render. Try posting your settings in ‘lighting and rendering’ support forum and ask for advice.

No its just a 5 yr old pc with a fragmented memory and 3 gigabytes of ram.

You should be able to disable that.

Steve S

Well you can improve on that with defragmentation tools. Have a look at Auslogics Disk Defrag (free), it gives you an overview of the status of your drives as it’s doing it. Ideally you should defrag & optimize. Don’t use the Window’s one, that’s just a waste of space.

Actually i’m getting a new computer soon, so i don’t think it would be worth my time.