Coffee Cup


Simple image for refreshing my post processing with compositor, lighting and rendering with cycles.


Overall it’s quite good. The only thing is I feel the DoF is just a touch too strong.

Nice. Have you thought about going further and adding steam?

Thank you for comments!

I’m working on the DoF bit more and will post update in 1-2 days when I got enough time to sit down. I was thinking the steam when did the image. Did not figure out how to achieve that on smoke simulator so I’m very open if you got any advice on how to achieve the steam with it. :slight_smile:

Looks good. Only suggestions to improve realism:
add subtle dirt/smudges/fingerprints to cup/table
ass bubbles on the coffee surface (if you can figure this out, please tell me, I haven’t been able to get bubbles to look right in Cycles)
also, I agree the DOF is a bit strong.

I personally find the DoF to be acceptable, the thing that strikes me as odd is that you’re missing a miniscus at the border of your coffee. Believe me, as far as the coffee goes this is going to make a difference.

IMO the depth of field looks fine. What looks odd is the blurry wood texture - even where it should be in focus (at the base of the cup, under the handle).

What’s the resolution of the wood tex?

Never mind miniscus - where’s the krema? :wink:

Here’s an update to the image.

@Kemmler: Going to give a thought to dirt/smudges/fingerprints but at first impression those don’t hit me that way. Maybe will experiment a bit with them.

@intracube: Thank you for pointing out the texture. It was 640x640 resolution so played around with bit bigger resolution size textures and ended up choosing bit more warmer texture.

DoF been only slightly lowered not to lose some softness on handle it gives.

Still working on meniscus effect and coffee material. After those two comes the bubbles and steam if I find way to create those.


Y’know … holding this image at arm’s length and just looking at it … I like it. I really do. The setting … putting it on a fairly complicated but realistic block-of-wood pattern, letting the light fade away at the top as it does, heck, the treatment of the light in general, is … pleasing. I just, y’know, like this “photograph.” It is very tranquil, well balanced in terms of light-and-dark and (mutter Ansel mutter Adams mutter…) “zone-3 vs. zone-5 vs. zone-7” very nice. Even the choice of tones for the inside vs. the outside of the cup, and the cup vs. the tone of the wood, and the tone of the cup-shadow vs. the highlight on the handle, and the overall balance between these two extremes … “works.”

This subject, as “photographed,” would (ahem…) be a beech to actually photograph on film in a studio setting … and, “you nailed it.”

This composition is rather intriguing to me because the brightest part of the photo (the table…) nevertheless subtly pushes your eye back toward the subject … the cup … and I do think that the subtle handling of the highlight on the left of the cup as well as the semi-shadow at four o’clock from it is part of that. (Translation: if I were looking at this right now on a 4x5 transparency on a light table, I would be not-so-secretly hating your guts.) :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s good, in other words. Just as it is. (Now, “improve upon it” to your heart’s content, but… save this one.)


Ditto. I agree with SundialSvc4.

I dont know that I would add steam, because it might add too much action to the image, and take away the serenity. Well, maybe you will, but if you do, like sundialsvc4 said, save this one as it is and file it away.