Coffee Cups

(stanland) #1


Just wanted to share one of my projects with blender community, i hope you gys like it! :slight_smile:

Blender, Cycles, Photoshop

(Durast) #2

Amazing render ! Materials, modeling, composition … flawless. And some sweet DOF…really outstanding.

(Nita) #3

i really love the color balance… nice one…

(robocyte) #4

like Durast said - just beautiful in every way!

(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #5

Rally nice renders! Great job “staner”. I would like to suggest - more braun-ish looking. Right now is broun-ish but a bit cold - I would go for more worm feeling just for the coffee liquid and the beans. … GOod Luck!

(lucblend) #6

Verry good work staner. Specially the coffiebeans and the bubbles on the liquid makes it very convincing.

(stanland) #7

It’s always nice for the artist when people like his work, thanks guys! :slight_smile:

(Bhavin) #8

This looks really beautiful

(Sussi) #9

This is very nice! I think I´ll have one of those cookies and a cup of coffee! Well done!

(colkai) #10

Something about the cookies doesn’t “click” with me, other than that, great image and the coffee looks like, well, coffee. :smiley:

(Abduqeyum_A) #11

very cool , i like it!

(Donavanneil) #12

I know there’s always more that can be done, but this seems pretty much flawless! I love it.

(stanland) #13

axelredfield, Sussi, Abduqeyum_A, Donavanneil: Thanks guys for kind words! :slight_smile:

colkai: Thanks! Those cookies were quite challenging to cook…lol! :smiley: