Coffee hardwork

Full images here, i’ll upload more shots

Pretty Nice résult !!! I love the old aspect and the composition. Great work !

Good work indeed***Visit my portfolio, where I allso post my work:

Excellent work! I really like the nostalgic feel to it!

True. The excruciating work that goes into making our consumable coffee. :wink:

Nice render and overall look.

  • Reyn

Hi reynante, THANKS.
It’s nice to receive a good feedback from you, because all of your great works.
Now I can recognize you, I think I left a comment on your site with the blender map! :slight_smile:

Nice to see this on Top Row! Congrats!

Impressive, man! Bravo! LA macina è fantastica!

Great work! I have the same moka at home! Ottimo lavoro!

Hey thanks! I dont know how that happened :slight_smile:

Wow found your moka between thousands! :slight_smile: Thanks

The metal and burlap materials look very good, the lighting and DOF contribute a lot as well.

Overall it’s a well done image, though I don’t know if the wood is supposed to be kind of wet because it seems a little shiny if it’s old and worn. I do wonder though did you do the coffee bean pile by way of a texture, physics sim, particles, or manual placement?

Just moved to London and had also to buy a new coffee maker …

Scena Magnifico. Avrò un latte con lo zucchero in più! (Magnificent scene. I’ll have a latte with extra sugar!)
The view just makes me crave a coffee! You have a beautiful talent for composition and style. This and your website make that very clear.

Eh eh quite a inspirative view. Lots of basilico in that pasta.

Thanks dneur!

Great atmosphere with the slight mist in the air in front of the coffee maker pile. You also chose colours with good harmony (brown / silver, blue and a tip of red)

Thanks. Yes distance cue it’s fundamental even in small environments. I must say I was quite shocked how that improved the scene.
And, yes rusty-metal-wooden colors were the goal.

Bialetti & Blender, BEST combination.