Coffee Mug with Logo made 4 a tutorial

I made this for my first tutorial:
The tutorial is at:
Hope you all like it!!

On vimeo it says “sorry this video is not downloadable” can you please make it downloadable, thank you.

^Why? You can still watch it. Just stream it.

On topic: I like the image! The reflections look very nice :slight_smile:

My only critique is that the mugs don’t appear to be touching the floor and the scene is a bit dark. But overall I like it!

I like it too. The tutorial is fine too, I maybe have some other ideas about it but as you mentioned this is the interesting part. Different approaches on same objects. Well done.

I liked this tutorial especially with the amount of time I spent, pretty happy with the result.


That’s really great as a first tutorial. Also don’t worry, your English is fine, much better than most other video tutorial makers to be honest ^^