Coffee Run!

In case folks haven’t heard yet, the Blender Animation Studio just released their latest open movie, Coffee Run. It’s described as a story with visuals inspired by 2D side-scrolling games.

Have a look-see:


A fantastic piece :heavy_heart_exclamation: no arguments from me.

Edit : I drink 6 to 8 coffee cup per day, she is definitely my kind of girl


:+1 for the style and animation
:-1 for the story

Personally, I really hate demotivational and saddening stories. It all depends on where you place the full stop. If you stick to the events that happened and draw the full stop there it means that the story is sad and you did nothing to change the viewpoint. If you think of what happens the next day and the next year or so, the meaning is that you fight to overcome difficulties. You can grow thick skin and deal with circumstances and see things from a vantage point.


I loved the style and animaton. Technically really really good, I liked it!

Story wise, I have a bitter sweet feeling about it. Main reason for this, is that it’s not 100% clear what happens. I understand it might be a precise choice, and it might just be me not being able to read all the clues. However, while I like stories that needs to be understood and interpreted through the visual clues, here even after a few runs (eheheh) I still have a few things that are not fully clear.

So I am not saying I didn’t like the story, but I feel is just a bit to murky for my taste.

Overall, I think it’s a really really good job however! Well done to the blender guys that worked on this!

She is traveling through opposing memories of her life angry and her memory keep changing, because she wants them too or because her memory is playing tricks on her…

  • The baby’s birth > then his death
  • The baby in a stroller happy in the park > the baby is dying in a hospital
  • The Wedding > then fighting and separation…

It’s is a very touching story specially the part where she feels like she caused the death of her baby and try to save him but is always too late (skating on his stroller and reaching for him when he falls is kind of symbolic of that I think…)

then the proposal and how conflicted about her decision she is, knowing that it will end in the death of her child and divorce…

yes I get the general idea of reliving memories and I guess try to re-imagine them. However there’s some parts that is not fully clear to me, like the part in the park. Maybe that’s an alternative memory that she would like to achieve and that’s when then she falls.

Anyway, as I said, I understand that’s probably the deliberate style of narration they went for. While I get the general idea and story however, I feel I cannot dig too deep into some of the details of it, and this leaves me with a bit a disappointment, coming probably from the fact that overall I really like the work they’ve done

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For most of people, lost of a child is absolute horror.

I can understand that they may want to do other things than just gags.
But they had ability to choose a million of other events able to create a persistent intrusive and disturbing thoughts.
Nothing else can be worst than that. Wedding & separation are minor things compared to that.
But that is treated like it was more important.
If your life does not pause when you lost a child, what event could pause it ?
Looping of events at high speed just doesn’t match with that.

For a character who suffered a lot, any spectator with a little bit of empathy expects a little saving light. That is absent of the end of movie.

So, although the story telling, the animation & the render are great.
Global feeling about the movie is a repulsion.

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I think that was meant to show how people think about “if only” in time of grief . If she didn’t get married she wouldn’t be divorced with a dead child.

In a time like that even if her husband is still with her she would still returne to that proposal moment memory with regrets.

Couples who lose their only child could start to drift a part . it happens a lot actually…

My own annoyance with this short actually come from the comments section… with so many people being fixated on the dead cat they missed the whole real story …

I’m not sure if this because people are now disconnected from each other and as a result over humanising animals to compensate for the need for connection?

After all It’s easy, even effortless to get love from animals but hard requiring a lot of effort to love and be loved by another human…

Or is this fixation on the cat is simply lack of understanding because of the distracting speed
Of the movie…

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but the cat comments are making me sad…

Maybe not the same people that made Sintel…but anyone remember Sintel??? made me stare into horizon and contemplate life.

Anyway I thought there was grease pencil involved but i cant tell…

Yeah I remember after watching Sintel it was like getting a PTSD, rarely you get to see so touching movies… :upside_down_face:

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