Coffee Scene

I saw this picture somewhere and thought, I bet I could model and render it. Well, done and done!
I was trying to capture both the material and lighting making it as realistic as possible.

Model: Blender 2.79b
Render phase: Blender Cycles
Post-production phase: Photoshop


Great photo realism. I love the shape of that mug! It reminds me of the kind you would find in an American diner.

nice work !!!

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Nice! Can see some noise, tho

I was trying to go for that look. Something simple that could see just about anywhere.

Thanks, Its funny that you said that. I added that noise in PSD. I thought it looked to clean without it.

Have you thought of adding cubes of sugar, with some spray on the table?

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That’s a good idea or sugar cubes! That would be a great experiment. Maybe in my next coffee project.

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