coffee time!

well, not really a finished project, more a little afternoon task, but anyways:
hope you like it :slight_smile:

wow, thats pretty impressive, is that with the fluid simulator?


fluid sim? not at all :slight_smile:

from former projects i know that fluidsims are very complicated to get right, so i tried to fake the fluid:

the jet that’s coming down is a long cylinder with some loose drop-meshes at the beginning and end. it is animated downwards to simulate the flow. there is also a displace modifier driven by a cloud-noise and a rotating lattice on it to get it moving somehow.

the coffe in the cup is a circle mesh, also with a displace modifier (musgrave multifractal noise). to get it moving, i animated an empty and asigned it as texture coordinates to the displacement modifier.

conclusion: if you can achieve same effect by cheating, go for it! :slight_smile:

Coffee looks pretty thick, but… ha ha it’s a fun animation. Nice.

man if you can do that cheating…GJ