Coffee time

I’ve remaked it from my old work “Coffe&Chocolate”. I love colors that’s why here is something looks like “hipsta filta”. Everything is colorized in blender only. Thanks for feedback.

I don’t particularly enjoy the camera angle, one where you could also see a couch and the table on which the items are on would’ve been better IMO. Or at least something a little bit different than the top view. An angle slightly adjusted would be better I think. Still, I am no photographer and a beginner with Blender, so you might also want to take some other advice than mine.

The only thing I don’t understand what it’s doing in this scene is the pen. If you are reading, what do you use the pen for?

Nice render. A good quality image.

Love this image. In my opinion the camera angle is perfect. The only con is the composition…could have used the rule of thirds or the golden ratio. The pattern on the coffee is well done. Great job.

Thanks guys. The pen there is for people which will ask: “Is this the book or not?” :slight_smile:

In composition I’ve used the rule of thirds.

Finished some updates for this work. You can see the changes on the top of this thread :slight_smile:

Added a wireframe render!

Very good overall feeling, coffee looks amazing (how did you do it?), as well as the wood texture. Still I cannot stop thinking there is something odd when I start looking into the details a little. Composition looks ok, and I can see that you used rule of thirds but the thing is you placed on object at each point of interest. This is confusing, as the viewer eye hasn’t really something to focus on, Coffee + book would’ve been great for example, but you also put your glasses in a strong spot even if they don’t look so great (too clean in my opinion, in comparison to the rest of the image).

So yeah, great lighting, good atmosphere and overall good image but I think you can make a few little adjustments to improve it slightly =)

I will take this into consideration, and follow the advice in the future. I’ve tried to recreate realistic day-to-dayphoto taken with the phone camera, that’s why you are can’t focused on something like in the photos below.

But anyway thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

Man, I love these! Really good work dude.

Wonderful one. I love it! :slight_smile: good luck

Thanks guys. Maybe soon I will create something really cool :slight_smile: