hi. i am Diego.

im new here, great forum.
well first at all im very new with all that of 3d stuff, this is my first coffee test in blender 2.26, is not the great thing but is something and i hope create better things later :slight_smile:

im not a english speaker and im from paraguay by the way :slight_smile:

otherwise if the image dont show click here.

lol nice work! your choice of coffee cup, steam, shading, and camera angle is scary! have you seen the one that I did like a year ago?

freaky. but good job :slight_smile:


doesn’t work :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

damn brinkster!.

try with this.

Hey Diego,

Welcome to elYsiun and Blender.
Sorry to say that I could not get either link to work.
If your are going to use geocities it may work better to put your art on a works in progress page, then you can hot link the page.
I’m hoping to see it soon because I love a good cup of coffee. :smiley:


huh… I’m soooo tired of copypasting links and still they never work…
isn’t there really any site that offers direct linking? and why on earth there even is this system that they prevent linking… I don’t get it. moneyhungrybastards.

and, if there is no way around to make the direct linking work, then please people, DO A SIMPLE HTML PAGE!!! please.

well, neither of your addresses worked here.
but, I love coffee, so I’m sure it’s a wonderful picture.

oh, and welcome to the forums, I hope I didn’t sound too harsh… :slight_smile: