Well, for the first post probably not very sophisticated work, but i was trying to create something original for this time. Just a quickie. It’s my favorite coffee from a vending machine. So at least for all the coffee lovers, enjoy. :slight_smile:

Fullscreen it, please.

BTW. Software used:
Blender 2.49b, YafaRay 0.1.1, Gimp, Motiva RealCamera.

Very nice coffee beens. I tried to make coffee beens my self some time ago but they didn’t turn out half as nice as yours. Great work!

rendered in what renderer? i like this a lot.

Very nice render!
I’d say that it could be done in blender internal render, but the presence of grain throws me off…

Hi. Thank you guys. It’s Yafaray 0.1.1. As for grains, render was very clean (I used quite a high number of samples). Grains were added in postproduction (Gimp, btw.) The aim was to achieve a “vintage look” atmosphere.

pretty cool, how did you add coffee beans in gimp? i definitly like the feel of the first image.

This is a triumph of rendering. You can almost smell the roasted coffee beans. Great work!

very nice! congrats

Nothing to crit…:eyebrowlift2:
Somebody smells coffee beans , I feel soft cardboard printed by this result…

Very nice, looks very photorealistic :slight_smile:

He probable meant that the subtle noise was added in Gimp, not the coffee beans :wink:

this is wonderful. i really like the way you rendered it sir. 5 stars. :slight_smile:

nice :smiley: i like it, iot reminds me that i once wanted to take a picture of a pancake and UV map it in blender…but then i ate it :stuck_out_tongue:

great job, looks very real :slight_smile:

Nice and classy! First shot works better than the second. The second looks too bare while the first one has a nice textured framing.

Wow, fantastic!! One of the best Yararay works i’ve ever seen! Beans are awsome! Share something, please!

You just need to look at that pictures in the morning and you don´t need real coffee any longer! Excellent work! The first image is almost too atmospheric for only a cup of coffee. It has the feeling of a landscape.

This looks really nice! Those are the most perfect coffee beans I’ve seen in a long while :smiley: Really impressive renders, could easily be mistaken for photos.

it’s f***ing awesome!!! i was hoping to see another cups-of-coffee render… but… well. Said: Great work, colors, atmosphere, a simple but effective model plus great work on textures.

How did you dropped the beans? Game engine or…?
And can we see the grid?

Very nice work Radek.

sry for czech language
Pekna prace Radku, jen tak dal… :wink:
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