Cog's Quick Tutorial Node taster

Hi all,

Following my talk at the Blender conference I have been gathering some interesting node techniques for publication in my Cog’s Quick Tutorial series.
As a taster I have a concept movie at that shows how a hollow object can be made to float in one of my oceans without it penetrating the sides. It also shows how the transition from water to object can be softened to help blend the object with the water.

Over the next few days 2 new Cog’s Quick Tutorials, covering this, and a 3D stereo image creator, will be published. Until then enjoy the concept.

Colin Litster (Cog)

I wish I would’ve made the time to reply to this before now. Was excited and clicking to your site for days looking for the new ocean tuts. Now disappointed to see these advanced tuts will only be available in a Blender (Foundation) Basics book next year. Oh well. I can’t complain -the info you provide is valuable. It should sell lots of books. That’s good for Blender. Thanks for supporting the cause and thanks for the great tuts you’ve already provided on your site.

Oh, and a very Happy Christmas to you too! :slight_smile:

Hi Larry,

Many thanks for your kind words. I am truly sorry that I didn’t get the tutorials posted a day before I was contacted to write the chapter on composite nodes for the forthcoming Blender basics book. Still if I had entirely new tutorials would need creating in an incredibly short time scale. Also, as another excuse, Ton has been working on some fantastic additions, such as Render Passes:):):):), that should be in v2.43.

Anyway, a very happy Christmas to you and other contributors to

Colin (Cog)