Coke and ice

Hi all,

One of last work wich I rendered a month ago, but forgot show somewhere :smiley:

Have fun!

You nailed the hard part, which is the ice, but the coke is too shiny, imo.

Stunning image. The ice is amazing, but the lid of the can looks a bit off. Maybe try and include some subtle scratch textures? Also great work on the lighting :yes:

Beautiful render! the ice is really well done. However, I feel like some scratches and fingerprints added to the coke can texture would really help the realism. Also the water droplets seem too small for a coke can. Maybe make them a little bigger and add condensation overlay gradient texture to the sides and it will be spot on perfect!

Oh, thanx guys for your Fb. I really appreciate that. This project is closed and I will not back to it, but I will use your tip in my future works! :smiley: Thank you again!