coke bottle made with beziers

Here’s 2 different renders

The label was a bit messed on the second one, cause I hadn’t centered it properly yet.

Small label. Good job though. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, pretty good! The glass just seems a bit… i dunno… perhaps you can try turning down the spec a little?


I think it’s that the spec is too soft. But still a nice render.

Yep, definately up the hardness on the specularity. Looks good.

ditto on the spec. Glass and plastic usually have higher hardness for specularity. If the object wasn’t transparent those highlights could be mistaken for highlights on metal…

It looks really great though. Logo was made in a vector illustrator? or what?

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Here’s a new render with the specularity turned down a bit. The logo was a simple jpg I grabbed off Google’s Image Search for simplicity’s sake. I may use a vector illustrator to create a better label if I include it in any kind of animation or such. I have been working on an old style 50’s American roadside cafe/diner, which will include the bottle as well as a few other new models of mine :wink:

looks good, just a little more detail on the cap would make it look better


actually there is no cap right now, it’s just that the thicker glass at the top makes it look a little opaque with the way the light is

I guess then the only way to fix that would be to actually create a cap :wink: