Colateral Vertigo Game main file released for free

Hello Blender Game Engine Community!

I’m currently selling a game called “Colateral Vertigo”
Colateral Vertigo is a Single player shoot 'em up / platformer 3D game with fully destructible terrain.

Today, I decided to publish the main level for free as a Blender Game Engine resource. (The paid version of the game has twelve levels total).


I’m releasing two files:

One to be used with the regular Game Engine (Blender Version 2.79b) called “LevelG BGE.blend”


An experimental one for the UPBGE (version 0.2.2) called “LevelG UPBGE.blend”

I hope you like this little demo. It was crafted with passion along four years.

The download link:

Gameplay video:

Gameplay tip: to better navigate the character you need to keep the mouse arrow close to the hexagon. :wink: