Cold - 3D Art

Well, who sais blender can’t be artsy 8D
I’m doing some portfolio work bc I’ll graduate soon and need something to throw around.

MakeHuman - Blender - Procedural - Cycles

Yes, indeed, artsy and a beautiful gestural statement.

Hmm Love the concept, and the image itself is incredible- very moving. But honestly the colors aren’t really helping to convey the coldness of the image… I feel like you should have used blue/gray tones as opposed to black/green. Just my two cents tho. Great work once again!

thanks :smiley: yeah I tried blueish first but it didn’t speak to me, the green tint was more of an absence of life color choice, the highlights have some more bluish tint in em but not much; thanks for the reply :smiley:

Simple and clean! Nice piece of art.
How did you do the fracturing?

good work!

combination of cell fracture, physics and manual labor :smiley:

Awesome, I love it! Very elegant piece. Minimalist and very attractive.

I love it! Great concept!

Love the meaning… something special going here. Well done.

Love it! Congratulations!