Worked on this the last 3 days and I’m pretty happy how it turned out!

I just had to tweak it a bit. Added more reflections, glow in the ice and a better post:

woaaaaaaaaah. This is beautiful!

(Ignore my second post, I edited the OP)

Thanks! Took me more brain power to figure out how to do it than I’d admit xD

I too like this image but if the intent is that the sphere is ice it should have more refraction and distort the sky and mountain seen through the ice. Or is this supposed to be a frozen bubble? If so it makes much more sense:) I can see some of that swirling coloration in the smaller bubble. Maybe a bit more reflection would better sell the bubble idea though. Either way cool idea and nice feel to the scene. Keep up the good work:)

Haha thanks! It is indeed a frozen ice bubble. Unfortunately the position and angle of the camera kinda perfectly blocks out the soap bubble material so it’s a little hard to see ^^

Awesome Job!

The ice inside the bubble is particularly impressive. Would you mind explaining your modeling workflow?

I thought it was clearly a frozen bubble.

Really nice work on the frost, how was it accomplished?

No multiquote function so to both above:

I somehow “accidentally” created a soap bubble shader as I was trying to make foam for a coffee cup render (it failed xD). It consists of a looot of nodes (I can post screens of tue node tree when I’m back home). But the 3 main features are the soap bubble shader (Magic texture drives the color of a glossy mixed with transparent, added another magic texture with vortexes keyed out by a musgrave texture to give variety), the texture displacement (many noise and wave textures) and the ice on the bubble. I tried many different approaches from simulating it with hair and particles but ended up using a high resolution frozen ice texture. Basically this texture drives the roughness of a glass shader that gets later mixed with the basic bubble texture explained above. It was a lot of trying around but in the end it ended up really cool! I also added another sun light to give some extra reflections on the ice.

I even went as far and made an animation where you can see the ice growing with an animated alpha channel. Just couldn’t render it out because my GPU kept crashing :confused: