Schoolwork’s been hectic (working on a animation short with a small team) but I managed to squeeze in some personal work. Modeled & sculpted in Blender & zbrush, textured in painter, beauty render in Cycles & solo renders in Marmoset Toolbag.
More here:


Beautiful work!! Great shapes for the ship, I really love the taper of the rudder.

Incredible, especially with the cave backround on the first image!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Really fantastic! So much beautiful detail!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

amazing! great job

Incredible!! Top notch asset & environment, and lighting & composition are so beautiful! :heart:

very beautiful work, I love the paint feeling of it! Is the enviro completely vanilla 3d or did you do some paintover?

Thanks! Mostly paintover apart from water and foreground rocks, which are from megascans

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Very cool man!!! ALready love that sail setup, quite clever.

Somehow i get a God of War vibe with it :slight_smile: WRAAAAA

PS is this a game asset or so, i noticed really low quality details when zooming ?

Beautiful render.

In reality the rigging wouldn’t work at all, of course. Just the tension alone would rip apart the stern structure, and forget about actually sailing this, because the rigging just isn’t there and tacking is impossible with this sail design anyway.

The hull design is entirely impractical as well, and defeats its use in shallow waterways. It is obvious this design was made with low-resolution game models in mind. The scale of the rope and blocks is a give-away.

Great fantasy design, though. I just wish that fantasy designs would stick to feasible designs, though, that would more or less actually make sense and actually could be made to work.

This reminds me of those fantasy designs of female armour which somehow forgets to protect the most important areas of the body: eye candy over function and practical design.

Fantasy design can be both beautiful and original while still keeping it within the realms of functional feasibility.

Anyway, just nitpicking, I guess. Excellent artistic work.

Really good work!

Any tips on compositing?

Regards, Sam.

cool!! nice textures!!

Really fantastic, I absolutely love it!!!