Collaborative meeting software

I remember seeing awhile ago a piece of software for doing online concept work - so you and someone on another computer could work through the initial steps of a project. Does anyone know of any good free groupware (?) freeware available- so that users can talk, sketch, write and share images in realtime over the net?.

Thanks in advance.


I am on a quest to streamline my work flow and do everything, yes, everything in Blender. Therefore I think you can use Verse-Blender for that…

if not, I hate to say it, but Messenger Live (MSN) and Yahoo MSGR has some form of audio/video/chat/whiteboard support.

M$ NetMeeting? (I hate to mention this, also. Would like to be made aware of something similar that’s OSS.)

Another option is to use Remote Desktop or something like it:

VNC ( Virtual Network Computing) and


Both freeware

Thanks for the replies - verse with Photoshop is similar to what I’m after! - but no luck. hhhhhhhhhhmm I’ll keep looking about - Cheers