Collaborative Tool

Hello Blenderheads. I stumbled upon a tool a while ago called Dropbox that works great for team management of files and such.

When making a game with a team, you have many files that are distributed and re-distributed in order to make it work. Dropbox is a tool that syncs a folder on your computer through a server and updates all other computers in your workgroup with the files in your folder. Whenever a file is changed on one computer, all computers in your workgroup get that file updated as well. This makes it an ideal tool for collaborating files and distributing them. It also makes Library Linking possible when working with a large team.

Theres a video on the website that tells you how it all works so I don’t have to. Hope you all enjoy!

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  • The Red Hand

ooo that would really come in handy, i bet thats one of the many needed tools for a team, i always wondered how that worked really, like someone would change up level 1 and another person would do the same with a seperate file but i never knew how they all came together. thx for sharing

You could also use something like GIT to do the exact same thing.

Another great tool is It doesn’t do automatic syncing like Dropbox, but the free version gives you decent, ad free storage, and it has other tools that let you organise your stuff.

I have both a Dropbox and a account so I can take advantage of their free storage.

But the reason I shared Dropbox is because its useful for managing a team project in a very simple manner. is good for file hosting, but not nearly as useful for team collaboration.

Yep, indeed. The team at working on WSAG2 the game, is using Dropbox. So we’re all updated almost in real-time as the game develops.