collada import question (simple question...)

I used the collada import to import an object into blender. the object seems fine in the editor, but when i hit “ctrl p” it vanishes (all i see is a grey screen).
if i add a cube next to it the cube displays fine, which meens the problem is not in the hardware but in some setting of the object.
the problem persists in textured/solid/shaded/wireframe so it isn’t that issue.

i’m pretty sure i’m missing something obvious here and that this isnt really a difficult question - any suggestions?

thanks in advance,

  1. Shortcut for starting ge is ‘P’ ,‘ctrl+p’ is used to parent objects.
  2. I cant really figure out what could cause your problem, since your saying problem persist in wireframe mode too so it cant be a normal problem. So better atta

i’m pretty sure i’m missing something obvious
You sure are. You didn’t attach your blend file to your post.

Attached is the file.colladaTest1.blend (550 KB)

Your scene is a dogs dinner. You have objects with vastly different scale values (some are 1 but huge and the rest have a scale of 0.003). Import your objects again with the same scale.
Cleaned blend attached.


colladaTest1 (1).blend (53.3 KB)


but how do i avoid that next time and “import my objects again with the same scale”? and how do i even find out what scale things are in?
(this object came from the google 3d warehouse, and i intend to import several other landmarks from there…)

If possible, I would still appreciate an explanation about the route of the problem - why does scale have this effect? and how do i fix it myself in the future?
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I would really really appreciate more information about how to solve this as it has happening to me almost every time i try to import objects from collada/kmz…

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you say you press P and everything disappears, well it was partly answered in post 2.

by pressing P, you have put yourself into GE mode

thanks, but that is exactly what i want to do - what i don’t understand is why these imported objects disapear, and if/how scale is linked to the matter(as was sugested above)
i need to be able to see these objects in the game, and really can’t understand why they are vanishing…

for example, here is another cleanly imported file. i did nothing but import, yet when entering game-engine moe it vanishes! why?!


collada2.blend (1.68 MB)