Collada import with textures

I’m trying to figure out a workflow to export from Revit to Blender so I can render with Cycles. I’m exporting from Revit to Collada with the Lumion bridge (link), and from what I can tell the export works fine. However, I’m having trouble importing to Blender.

Importing using the Collada importer packed into Blender gives the error message: “Errors found during parsing COLLADA document (see console for details)” When I open the console, I get the error message “Sax FWL Error: Texture with sid ‘image-#####’ not found in effect with id ‘effect–#####’.” I cracked open the .dae file in Wordpad and searched for those two specific numbers; they appeared in areas which looked like material definitions. For example, here’s a code snippet from the file:

<image id="image-1386379632">

The Revit exporter plugin created a extures folder with the texture images in it. The .dae file is in the same folder as the textures folder, though I’m guessing Blender can’t figure out where the textures actually are.

Is there a way I can get the Collada importer in Blender to load with textures properly?