Collada Plug In

Hello :slight_smile: ,
so, i want to export my blender object into a collada (.dae). And i found something from google, that i have to do download a collada plug-in for Blender first and run it.
But, if i do in Blender ‘file -> export -> Collada (.dae)’ there is already Collada exporter. so, my question is, do I have to download the plug in from here and run it in Blender? or how?
thanks before^^

Nope, don’t worry about it. Blender comes fully installed with a Collada importer/exporter. From the looks of it, that plug-in seems quite old (it says the latest version is from 2007!) Perhaps it was from a time when Blender didn’t yet support Collada files.

ooow, okok…thank you! :slight_smile: