Collecting Items

I am making a game in which the goal is to collect a certain ammount of items before times up. I have tried and tried but i must be doing something wrong. I just need a basic 'score keeper". How would i make it so that once i collect five items it goes to the next level?

OK, all you need to do is a make a property. Make it an integer at 0. Then each time lets say you collision with a certain item, it ends the object and sends a message to the score keeper, which is the object with the property you made. I suggest this is put on the camera. The make a sensor message, and add the property actuator +1 to the score actuator. Repeat for the rest. You only need one message though.

I get what your saying,and i tried it, but it is still a little unclear. Could you explain a little clearer please?

Ok i figured out thanks. (sorry for double posting)

Have the items send a message to the player when it is touched by a material, this will add +1 to the property which when the item is touched enough, it will send you to the next scene, aka Level 2, Below is a demo done with a player cube, a plane, and a couple of items to “pick-up” Examine the lay-out of the logic bricks, However, I do not know how to make this work if the object is a Ghost.