Collection array in 2.8+

Hello community. Please help me. I want to array “group of the objects” on the curve. I know how to do that for a single mesh, but can’t find solution how to use modifiers for collection/collection instance, because groups doesn’t exist in 2.8+.
One solution can be array each mesh in the collection, but it is unusable if I have many objects in.

Please do you have any advice how to do that properly.
In another case is here any way how to use array modifier on instance of collection or linked collection from another file?
Thank you.

Some info here:

Hi. Thank you for this advice.

OK I did some progres in it - so I want to share what I founded.

First solution can be this:

  1. parrent all objects to one major
  2. set modifier to a major object (make sure that you set a Constant Offset distance for array modifier).
  3. slect all childrens object and link modifiers
    This solution works good if you add curve (deform) modifier and you need each object (group) to be deformed.

Second one:

  1. create plane object
  2. parrent all objects in the group to this plane
  3. add array modifier to this plane
  4. set in the Object properties of the plane Instancing from None to the Faces
    If you add curve (deform) modifier (to plane object) in this case - all arrayed objects (in group/parent) are placed on the curve, but each object does not deforme itself

I hope this helps someone.


This is very helpful for what I’m working on right now. Thank you!

Does not freaking work with lights in that group etc. Bad solution. For example I’d like to replicate along the path a complex group with the lights… soo Blender says: .|…

Yeah Im also annoyed by this

Select collection works. Shift G > Collection