Collection of 100 grasses

Hi Blender friends!

I’m currently working on an extensive collection of 100 grasses and I would love to hear what you think of the images below.

If you’re sitting right now reading this and thinking of short grass, you’re probably asking yourself: “are there really 100 different types of grass?” The answer is yes; there are many different grasses that all look different depending on varying habitats e.g. forest, swamp, in water, alpine regions and beaches.

This collection will contain 100 different grasses from different habitats with 10 model variations for each plant so that you have the freedom to create landscapes with true to life grasses (referencing correct shapes and sizes based on real life grasses). My hope in creating this collection would be for you to have more range and versatility in your artwork. It should be available in a few weeks - yay!

What you’ll get:

  • different grasses for different habitats
  • natural organic landscape design possibilities

I’m really excited to hear your thoughts on this, feel free to comment :slight_smile:

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Another showcase rendered using LuxCore:


That last image does a far better job of showing off the assets you made! Looks good :slight_smile:

Thank you! I think so too. The first one is still very much wip. I will upload more showcases soon :wink: