Collections as assets don't add the objects within it

A collection asset of an office ceiling tile light may contain the fixture itself as well as an area light. Is there really no way to add this as a collection asset which brings in all objects as editable?

if you are trying to edit an object ,but need other objects
try selecting a few object then it tab

No, I want to add a single asset containing several editable objects when brought in. Here is an example that came up:

If I make the collection an asset, the parts doesn’t show up so I can edit them, and I don’t want to pollute the asset browser with the text objects.

Isn’t this a case for Object -> Apply -> Make Instances Real?

You can bring things back like that, but the hierarchy won’t be maintained, nor will things remain neatly in the collection and you have to organize. It’s not a big deal in this case, but I have others I want to make assets from where preserving parenting hierarchy will be an issue.

It brings up an idea though; how about editable attributes like in AutoCAD blocks? In this case I could have instances with different attributes using the same asset and memory usage. Maybe something advanced further down the line.

Preserving hierarchy, and even the Empty parent for ease of placement, are options of the operator.

Oh. Lol. My eyes were locked in on the outliner. Thanks.

Hmm, I have several objects that use Locked Track and Limit Rotation object constraints on them (PTZ cameras, adjustable monitor stands etc), but all object constraints are lost when I insert them as a collection asset which I then “make instance real” with keeping everything intact. No signs of the object constraints.

Is that just a limitation of the current state of the asset browser? If it is, I can live with that, as I’m mainly just planning and preparing atm. If that’s supposed to be the end state, what would be good workarounds?

I’m not sure on that one. I think that’s a limitation on instancing, as I vaguely recall some discussion about this, though given that the context is lost on me at this point I might well be wrong.

Ok, got it, thanks. I hope it get fixed along the way or mechanical assets are kind of useless.