Collections to Unity

Good evening Gentlemen,

The open-source 3D atlas of human anatomy has now 1000 followers on Linkedin and a mobile application in developed in Unity by Lluis Vinent.

The project had been organized in Blender through Collections, which -I think- can not be interpreted in any other format.

I therefore parent the structures to each other to re-create the official hierarchy of the ‘Terminologia Anatomica-Second Edition’ (TA2-2019), but keep everything tied up in collections as well.

Is there any way to automate the process of translating collections from Blender to groups or tags Unity in order to avoid having to recreate these groups each time the model is updated?

For example, the arteries, veins, bones and muscles of the hand belong each to a different part of the hierarchy but could also, besides, be grouped together in a group called ‘Hand’.