College work

I figured I would post some items from my art college:

Abstract Self Portrait:

This was done in acrylic. I was a challenge for me seeing as I am colorblind. Mind you its quite large, so you kinda really need to see it in order to feel the strokes. there is a better one on my deviant art account (see link below). I really liked how this one came out.

Bill Gates Illustration:

Bill Gates as a frog, idk why, but he reminds me of a frog. Steve Jobs Soon to come…as well as more of my art work

but you can see a lot more of it on my deviant art

interesting :slight_smile:

The first one doesn’t really do much for me, but that’s mostly because I’m not fond of nonrepresentational/abstract art. The second one is funny - all in all an amusing little caricature.

However, I took a browse at your deviant art account and I’m a little bewildered why you’d have chosen to post these two particular pieces in this topic. It doesn’t seem to do the rest of your work justice. The stuff on your DA account has a very artistic, cartoon-like style that’s pretty professional looking.

Interesting detail that you’re colorblind, too. Are you blind to all colors, or just a few? I’d never stopped to think about how that could make art so difficult. 0_0

you have shown true face of bill gates here i guess lol…
nice one…

and about the abstract face…i really appreciate it…
according to me u wanted to show yourself a bit irritated with something…is it true???
if you meant something else please explain…abstract can be a little difficult to comprehend at times