Collision and Radar Sensors Broken in Bullet

ok. first off, the radar sensor just spams errors to the consol, and crashes when accessed via python.
the collision sensor is kinda weird. I have a non dynamic object with a collision sensor parented to a dynamic object. the object with the sensor seems to be multiplying its parents coordinates. (it flys away really fast soon after the game starts.) if i just delete the collision sensor, every thing works as it should. (except that i don’t have the sensor. :mad:)

I noticed the radar doesn’t work also.
I have Blender 2.45
Sometimes the radar sensor will put the following in the DOS window:

warning btCollisionDispatcher::needsCollision: static-static collision!

But it hasn’t ever sent a signal on to the controller and actuator blocks.

I hope it’s just that I’m missing something.

I found that the way I made the walls could have been improved.

I had put my player inside a single box mesh.
I guess since it was already totally inside the object, that confused the radar.

When I switched the box out for individual wall objects for each side, the radar sensor worked.

Are the bounds overlapping? The physics engine tries to seperate objects with overlapping bounds.