collision box causes lag

Ok here’s how everything is setup.

Mesh (Ghost) child of Armature (Ghost) Ingame child of Cube.

Now when I don’t change the bounds to box my character falls halfway through the floor because to make the circle big enough to make him stand it also makes him very wide. But as soon as I change the bounds to box and run it the fps goes to 3 and the physics goes up to 300ms or more. What would cause this issue?

Thanks in advance.

The mesh and the armature should probably be set to “No collision” not ghost. See if that helps.

O awesome that fixed it. I’ll just post another question here instead of making another thread. Is there a way to fix when you use loc motion to move the actor will go part way into a static object then bounce back out? I know force does it but force has more car like motion instead of walking.
Thanks again.

do not use loc use force or linV

loc is like teleporting, now imagine what happens if you teleport into a wall…