Collision bug?

If I have a group on layer 2 and use “add group instance” onto layer one, and then switch so I can only see layer one and then play the game:

  1. I don’t collide with the group instances, but I can see them
  2. I collide with the original group, which I can’t see.

This sounds like a bug to me. I guess I’ll have to go though and replace the instances with empties adding the group.

Seems to work fine for me on a default scene with Blender 2.63.2. Are you repositioning the group? Make sure the group’s center is where the mesh is. A blend file would also help.

I’ll see if I can duplicate the problem.


hmm, weird I can’t replicate it, but it still happens in the original blend. I won’t upload it as it will come to ~30mb. I’ll do some investigation though.

Hi sdfgeoff

switch on Physics Visualization to see what physics objects are present in your scene.