Collision by Actor

I’m trying to find a way to filter the collision for an actor. For example, both actors collide with the floor, one actor collides with a box on the floor, and the other simply goes through it.

Unfortunately, this is not possible (to my knowledge) with logic bricks, and is probably possible via python, but my python is limited. Sorry :slight_smile:

That’s the simplest I think i can put it :slight_smile: Hopefully you all can help me out

…i think the actors are rigidbody right? try to set radius less than 1;)


filteringcollision.blend (137 KB)

eh, that’s sort of what I meant. The far cube you placed falls through the cube and the floor. That’s the problem. I want everything to collide with the floor, but to be ‘ghosts’ to each other… To use your file, I would like the far cube to fall through the big cube and hit the floor. However, the big cube must be a dynamic object, and rest on the floor. Hopefully i’m being clear :slight_smile:

thanks for the help

collision filtering is in bullet but not yet in blender… maybe it’s small enough for the devs to add?

this is a fake solution, in rality there is no filter in my example, just add parent on collision with ‘ground’ property, with radius 0.1 to let the little cube go through the big cube. :smiley:

hope this could be good until news features


filteringcollision.blend (139 KB)

Thankyou. It will probably work for my purposes, but i plan on exploring other ways of achieving it. The only problem is that it doesn’t collide with other objects, and it could be costly and confusing to use parenting over and over. However, this may be the only solution. Thanks :slight_smile:

although u remove parent, on near sensor trigging for example, you can’t change radius from 0.1, so nothin to do. Hope for u there is better way.