collision detection (not gameBlender question)

(MrPatel) #1

If i made a character and didnt want him to go through things is there any way i can make the characters skin and/or surrounding objects where nothing can go through it?

not in gameBlender, but regular animation

(dreamsgate) #2

That I know of, not easily, you could probably write a python script. Past that uninformative piece of info, I can’t help, I don’t know much about python.

(MrPatel) #3

Has anyone made a python script that does something like this?

(dreamsgate) #4

ask on the Python and Pluggins forum someone there will know.

(Pooba) #5

If you’re animating the movie just animate it so that nothing does go through it. There’s no randomness or varibles in a video, it’s all under control by you.