Collision Issue / Misunderstanding

This was a preliminary test of collisions, however it is not going as expected.
The issue is that at close distances such as pictured the blue disc passes under the ball. I would expect that the collision would occur and they go in separate directions with some of the force transferred to the ball (similar to pool).

I have checked the current documentation but that didn’t enlighten me.

Any advice or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated.

col_test.blend (551 KB)
Press ‘P’
Press ‘Up Arrow’
to see the issue

enable Game/Show Physics Visualization to see if the bounding types are correctly set.

dont use Location use force or LinV

also I have a mouse control demo for this :smiley:


col_test._Bpr.blend (498 KB)

Thanks for the suggestions and especially thanks for the demo blend :slight_smile:
I will certainly dig into the scripts to learn some more.