Collision issues - UPBGE vs BGE

I’ve been using UPBGE to apply some custom shaders/effects to a game project wip. I’ve tried to use the different collision bounds types and static vs dynamic etc, but the it’s always super glitchy in comparison to the normal BGE and my character model just bounces off what are supposed to be rigid surfaces instead of stopping, or it just clips right through. Is there a way to fix this?

UPBGE bouncy collision

BGE correct collision

are you using applyMovement?

there is a branch

that uses old bullet and has the old behavior.

I’ve just been using logic bricks, I am very new to this. I used character motion for the character so far for testing out things, I’m guessing applyMovement is for python? Also, I’m not sure how to get that branch working, how would I go about installing that version of UPBGE?

I’ll see if I can compile a build for you tonight :smiley:

Lol UPBGE is BGE Just different branches of Source Code’s and different implementation of these codes!



The latest bullet implementation in UPBGE is bugged. Many people have brought up comparisons and we’re told its user error.

If you increase physics substeps by 3 or so then you get similar performance to vanillas physics. However at a significant processing cost. Or you can also work around it by doing all the things in vanilla BGE that give you REALLY stable simulations like not using simple movement and instead apply forces. Avoiding some kinds of collision shapes etc.

All those tricks wont fix the memory leaks caused by Near and Collision brick sensors that use some of that bugged new physics implementation though.

this will @ethicalfive

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I have been noticing a distinct trend of UPBGE threads that start along the lines of:
“I’m using UPBGE and this thing doesn’t work properly, but works fine in the regular BGE.”
I legitimately don’t understand why UPBGE is so popular in these forums, despite the apparent number of bugs.

bullet was updated to bullet 3

scenegraph was refactored

color space was upgraded

all three of the comittes needed a bit more work / love
but tristan left,

youle did not know how to fix them so he cut them out.

bullet 3 was faster for some instances, but really did not add that much of a boost.

scenegraph refeactor should have made the engine faster to maintain, but in practice it had design issues that crashed libload

color space commit needed hooked up in a few places, and should have defaulted to old behavior instead of new. (messing up many test files / breaking compatibility)

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all of these commits can be restored eventually, by someone who is a pro C coder.

Uniday is learning a class specifically for twisted up old legacy code based now.

we are trying but it’s tricky,
lead, help, or get out of the way.

when loki and tristan left they made me admin and @wkk at the discord server, and put us both on the offical git repo

upbge_eevee by youle has some crashes, but they seem to be 2.8 being crashy (alpha etC)
it’s amazing.

I threw this together today / still needs adjustments / retexutred etc but I made it in a hour or so.

Thank you so so much for this. I’ve been using some shaders that only work in UPBGE, so that’s why I’ve been using it for this one project.

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