collisions with added objects from another layer

aaaalright, so i’m making a game that automatically places ground in front of a snowboarder as he nears the edge of his current ground (using the add object actuator and python).

that part works; what doesn’t work is that my snowboarder doesn’t collide with the added objects so just falls through them.

and yes, collisions for the ground face is on

any suggestions; can i get this to work and how?

use another method…

for example, could you keep a limited number of these objects around, just place them as necescary [and far off in the distance, or behind you] to continue the course?

and that way you don’t need to consider killing them and having too many eating extra resources as you continue for longer.

hmmm…i suppose that would work

so are you saying the first way is just not gonna happen?
cause if it can work i would rather do it the first way…

although there have been requirements of collisions with added objects, it is peculiar you are having problems with it
[it has worked before, it is weird it doesn’t for you]

regardless, I don’t belive adding objects would be the best approach performance-wise [I don’t put a lot of faith in blender’s game engine doing things correctly]